Our Multi-Active Holiday Programmes

We provide a wide range of exciting programmes and courses to help engage all children into being ACTIVE and having fun. We rotate our courses every half term to keep them fresh and exciting.

Multi-Activity Day

Get ACTIVE with our FUN packed programme of activities from Inflatables to Nerf Wars.

Super Hero Academy

Learn how to be a Super Hero and help Multi-Man save the world in and complete our epic Super Hero themed missions.

Adventure Expedition

Learn how to survive in the wild and complete tasks such as Shelter Building, Camo, Trail Making and building your own water filter.

The Science Academy

Slime Making and Explosions are just a few of the fun experiments we have for children to do!

The Detective Academy

Learn what it takes to be a Detective by solving our Crime Scene and tracking down the culprits before time runs out.

Pirate Adventure Day

Ahoy Ship Mates, Our Pirate Themed Day is full of fun themed games and activities.

Secret Agent Academy

Learn what it takes to be a Secret Agent and navigate your way through our secret missions such as the Lazer Maze and Code Breaking!

CSI Academy

Ever wondered how CSI agents solve crimes? Our CSI Academy will teach you how!

Spooky Themed Day

Our Spooky Themed Dress up day is a great fun day full of Spooky Themed activities and game.

Monster Themed Day

Join Charlie our Multi Monster for a Monster Themed Day of Fun!

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