Super Hero Academy


Learn what it takes to be a Super Hero with the new Super Hero Academy and help save the world. 


Help Multi-Man save the world and take part in a series of missions designed to test your Super Hero qualities whilst having fun being active and taking part in a series of team, physical and mental challenges. Every half term we have a different Super Hero themed day and story with new missions and challenges each time.


Why not come dressed as your favourite Super Hero and help Multi-Man save the world! 



October Half Term





This October our Super Hero Academy is back with another fun story line for our Super Heroes to take part in!  


Children attending the Super Hero Academy get to be Super Heroes for the day and help Multi-Man (our very own Super Hero) save the world by completing a series of missions such as Free the Hostage, Capture the villian and free your team mates. 


The activities vary every half term and will involve problem solving games, learning to work as a team and being ACTIVE and having fun. 






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