New for Summer 2018


Multi-Active will be proving Early Years Holiday Provison for children aged 3-12 years old at Derwent Lower School throughout every school holiday and inset day open to children from all schools.


Times: 9-4pm or options of 7.30-6pm and 8-5pm


Venue: Derwent Lower School, Hitchin Road, Henlow SG166BA


Who can attend: Any child aged 3-12 years old (open to boys and girls)



Breakfast and evening food snacks provided


We provide a free breakfast for children attending extended hours (mixture of cereals, toast and fruit) and an evening snack for children staying beyond 4pm. For more information please email admin@multi-active.co.uk (only at Derwent and Biggleswade Academy settings)


Should you have any issues booking online, please call us on tel: 0756-141-6208 or email admin@multi-active.co.uk


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Summer Programme



Week 1: July 23-27


Mon 23 Fun Day

Tue 24 Super Hero Academy

Wed 25 Fun Day

Thur 26 Pirate Adventure Day

Fri 27 Fun Day


Week 2: July 30-3 Aug


Mon 30 Fun Day

Tue 31 Science Academy

Wed 1 Fun Day

Thur 2 Adventure Expedition

Fri 3 Fun Day


Week 3: Aug 6-10


Mon 6 Fun Day

Tue 7 Puzzle Day

Wed 8 Fun Day

Thur 9 Space Themed Day

Fri 10 Fun Day


Week 4: Aug 13-17


Mon 13 Fun Day

Tue 14 Team Challenge Day

Wed 15 Science Day

Thur 16 Fun Day

Fri 17 Fun Day


Week 5: Aug 20-24


Mon 20 Fun Day

Tue 21 Spooky Themed Day

Wed 22 Fun Day

Thur 23 fun day

Fri 24 science day


Week 6: Aug 28-31


Tue 28 CSI Academy

Wed 29 Fun Day

Thur 30 Adventure Expedition

Fri 31 End of Camp Team Challenge Day

Mon 3 Sept Fun Day



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