Active Academies


Our Active Academies are popular with schools as they provide different ways to engage children into being active as opposed to just core sport. They are also great to mix up your schools after school club programme and offer something different.


Crime Scene Investigation Academy

Learn how to solve crime scenes and how to be a Detective



Secret Agent Academy

Complete a series of missions such as our Lazer Maze and Code Breaking

Adventure Expedition

Learn how to survive in the wild and learn shelter building, make your own water filter and much more


Super Hero Academy

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to be a Super Hero? Save the world and free the major with our Super Hero themed games


Puzzle Challenge Academy

Learn to work as a team and problem solve with various puzzle and team building games like Giant Snakes & Ladders and Cross the Swamp



Ultimate Sport Academy

Sports just got bigger with our Archery, Fencing, Dodgeball, Inflatable and Sumo Wrestling games




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