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Our Mission

Affordable Childcare

We believe in making childcare affordable!

Reliable Childcare

We want to be a reliable provider that parents can trust and rely on!

Get children ACTIVE!

We want to engage ALL children and not just sporty children into being Multi-Active!

About Multi-Active

Childcare that is affordable


Multi-Active was formed in 2010 with a goal of providing childcare that is affordable alongside providing programmes to engage all children into being ACTIVE.


We feel that our pricing structure offers affordable solutions to childcare for parents alongside being a reliable provider that provides safe and suitable care for children. All our courses are Ofsted registered and all our staff have DBS checks alongside appropriate safeguarding and first aid training.


As a provider we are passionate about engaging children to be Active! We have created an innovative programme of activities and themed days to engage all children and not just sporty children to be active and enjoy being active. From Inflatables such as our Gladiator Dual and Sumo Wrestling to Nerf Wars and Dodgeball alongside themed days such as our Super Hero Academy and Adventure Expedition mean there is something for all children to enjoy during the school holidays.


Multi-Active now operate at over 20 settings across the south east of the UK with plans to expand to over 30 settings by 2022. Multi-Active were recently voted "Best Holiday Provider in the Home Counties" by GHP Magazine a specialist in Health & Fitness advice.


Kevin Jones

Managing Director

Meet our Mascot:

Charlie the Multi-Monster!

Charlie likes being Active, likes being a Super Hero, being a Secret Agent, playing Sport, being a Scientist.... Charlie likes being MULTI-ACTIVE!


Charlie was named after its creator Charlie Cross who won our Mascot design competition that we ran in 2018. Charlie will be making appearances at future holiday clubs later this summer! 

Introducing Kevin Jones

Managing Director 

Kevin first started running holiday clubs in 2007 working for many different providers and quickly learned what it takes to run a great holiday club and childcare service for parents and children. 


Having identified a lack of provision for children who didn't want to just do sport or Dance the concept Multi-Active was created in 2010 with the vision of providing programmes to engage all children to be active such as the Super Hero Academy which launched in early 2015 and has developed further into other themed days such as Puzzle and Secret Agent.


Since 2015 Kevin steered Multi-Active further into providing affordable child care having identified that most childcare was very expensive, and the alternative was sport camps which also didn't meet parent’s needs. The result has seen Kevin lead Multi-Active into 2019 with over 20 settings across the south East and further plans to expand to over 30 settings by 2022.

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